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Flooding 9.25.2005 There are several ways to overcome a phobia. Clex. Written for SV Flashfiction.
Fledgling 9.25.2005 Nothing ever goes quite right for Clark. Takes place directly after "Flooding."
Permanent 9.25.2005 Maybe it'll be permanent. Takes place some time after "Flooding" and "Fledgling." Contains explicit sex between two men.
[author commentary]
11.11.2005 There's something about four-year anniversaries. Takes place after "Permanent."
Pitch [author commentary] 9.25.2005 Technically, it was a conflict of interest. The final story in the "Flooding" continuity. Contains adult situations.
Stay 11.11.2005 He's only there until he's gone. Contains adult situations
NEW Esse 7.12.2006 "Why do you always have to know? Why can't you accept that sometimes, it just is?" A loose adaptation of the myth of Cupid and Psyche. Contains explicit sex between two men.
Falling 9.25.2005 These things happen when you get older. Vaguely Clex. Written for SV Flashfiction.
NEWThe Deer Hunter 7.12.2006 It's a rite of passage.
The Definition Of 9.25.2005 There are many ways to fall. Twenty-four unconnected drabbles. Written for SV Flashfiction. Contains adult situations.
Telephone 9.25.2005 Clark learns a lot about Prussian history. A series of ten connected drabbles. Vaguely Clex. Written for SV Flashfiction.
NEW Burn 7.12.2006 Maybe something can rise from the ashes. Clex. Coda to "Phoenix."
NEW Heal 7.12.2006 The first time Lex kisses Clark, it's a mistake. Contains explicit sex between two men.
Every 11.11.2005 It's Sunday, and Lex does what he always does. An expansion on one of the drabbles in The Definition Of. Contains explicit sex between two men.
NEW Pivotal 7.12.2006 Clark wakes from a dream so strongly metaphorical he knows he has to do something. Written for the SV Flashfiction 33.1 minute challenge.
NEW Abysmal [author commentary] 7.12.2006 Lex's test scores are abysmal. Clex. AU, sort of a crossover between Superman: Birthright and first season. Also, I hate this story a lot.
NEW City Lights 7.12.2006 "I thought I'd come see you," said Clark. "Since I was in town." Takes place within the "Abysmal" timeline.
NEW D Is For 7.12.2006 Lex reflected, not for the first time, on how very strange his life was. Very silly.
NEW Ace In the Hole 7.12.2006 Some boots are too big for Lex Luthor. God forbid, a sequel to "D Is For."


Underwater, Dreaming 2.27.2004 It's too hot to sleep. Quite possibly the first fanfic I ever wrote. Well, the first one that I dared to call fanfic and "publish," anyway.
Thankful 2.27.2004 Vash brings home a turkey, but not really. I wrote this on a dare.
Sacred 2.27.2004 A series of short scenes, or sacraments. I spent forever on this one and couldn't have written it without help from many, many people. And the Catholic Encyclopedia.


Adjust Hellsing 4.18.2004 Seras adjusts. The two scenes are actually completely unrelated; I combined them into one document because they were short.
Wakens the Ferine Strain FFX-2 9.25.2005 The problem with dresspheres is that there's always someone left in them. Contains explicit sex between two women.
Caught FFX-2 11.11.2005 How the heck does a chocobo learn Meteo, anyway? Contains an implied sexual relationship between two women.
NEW Four Things Sam and Dean Disagree On (and one they don't) Supernatural 7.12.2006 Sam and Dean don't see eye to eye on a lot of things. Warning, contains (very brief) incest.