Cover by Laura B.

"What are you writing now?" Lex asked. He felt the tip of the Sharpie slide across his shoulder in a straight line and then loop around into a circle. . . no, a spiral?

"Forever," Clark said.

Lex hugged the pillow tighter and tried not to wriggle as Clark moved down and started drawing another word on his butt. "Hey!"

"Stop moving," Clark said, "you'll mess me up."

Lex tried to stop moving, but it was hard when Clark was writing Kryptonian his left buttcheek. "I still think we should've done this with me on my back. How am I supposed to see what you're doing?"

"I like you like this, though." Lex could hear Clark's grin; it was the pointed one that showed his fangs.

"What're you writing?" Lex asked a moment later.

"Jeez, what are you, five?" Clark pitched his voice high in a mockery of a kindergartner's. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Lex was tempted to teach Clark a lesson, but he really didn't want Clark to mess up whatever he was writing. "I'll have you know it's good manners to tell someone what you're writing on them."

"Property of Kal-El," Clark replied.

"All right, that's it, give me the pen."

Clark laughed and held Lex down with one hand, the Sharpie well out of reach in the other. "Sure, come and get it."

"You have an unfair advantage," Lex griped.

"You told me there's no such thing as unfair advantages," Clark said. He sounded way too smug. Lex needed to stop lecturing him about business practice. "Now let me finish writing."

"We're naked in bed and you want to doodle on me," Lex muttered into his pillow. "I can't believe this."

"I'll make it worth your while." The tongue on Lex's ear promised all sorts of filthy, sexy things. Lex shivered and decided he could be patient. Clark started writing again, this time straight down the center of Lex's back. It seemed to be several characters, but it was hard to tell. Lex was only conversant with the language, and it was hard to make out what it was when it was being written on him.

He couldn't resist. "What are you writing now?"

"I love you."

Lex never knew how to respond when Clark did that. Clark could say it so easily, in the same way that he could be so good so easily. It always made Lex feel desperate and too big for his skin because he wanted to be able to hold it and know it and say it like Clark did, but he couldn't. He didn't know how, and that scared him so badly, because Clark could, and that was just one of the many, many ways in which Lex Luthor did not deserve Clark Kent.

"That's what I wrote," Clark said, so close that Lex could feel Clark's breath warm on his ear. Lex heard him cap the pen and throw it off the side of the bed. "Lex?"

Clark let him turn over, and that was good because Lex didn't want to do anything except kiss Clark until he couldn't talk anymore. This was easily accomplished; Lex had a considerable amount of knowledge and technique, after all. He rolled them over so that he was on top and took a few minutes to kiss Clark until neither of them could breathe, and then he moved down, sucking kisses into Clark's neck and then down to his collarbone. It was too bad that he couldn't leave marks on Clark's skin; he'd always thought that unfair. Next time, he'd be the one with the pen.

He kissed and licked his way down Clark's arm and then took in two fingers and sucked. He looked up and watched Clark's eyes dilate, watched him grow fuzzy with arousal, and knew that Clark was thinking about his lips around his cock. But, no. Not tonight. That wasn't what Lex wanted. He let Clark's fingers slip from his mouth and licked his lips.

"Get the lube," he said.

Clark gave him a dazed look. It took a minute to click, but when it did he gave Lex a 'I can't believe you want me to move' look and crawled to the edge of the bed. When he came back, Lex had finished arranging himself in the middle, arms behind his head and one leg drawn up to his chest. Good posing was rarely wasted; Clark almost dropped the lube and condom.

Lex made a throaty purring sound and drew up his other leg. "Ditch the condom."

Clark hesitated.

"We've been fucking for three years, Clark," Lex said, smiling a little wider. "Don't you think it's a little ridiculous?"

Clark grinned and threw the condom over his shoulder. Lex held out an arm, and Clark knee-walked toward him. They kissed for several long moments, sweet and tender like their first-time kisses on the windmill, until Lex slid an arm down Clark's side and around to massage his cock. Clark moaned into the kiss and everything grew a lot more hurried and heated. They broke apart with a wet, messy sound.

"Are you going to do something about this?" Lex asked, running his thumb over Clark's slick head.

"Yeah," Clark said breathily. "I'm going to fuck you."

Well, that was succinct. Lex had no problem with that. He threw back his head and tried not to make too many embarrassing sounds, but it was hard with Clark's fingers inside him, probing and stretching and oh God yes, right there, right there, do that again. Clark made some kind of low growling sound, and Lex realized he must have said it out loud. So he arched his hips and said, "Oh God yes please Clark do that again." Clark curled his fingers and rubbed in just the right place so that bright white flashes went off behind Lex's eyes. Clark added another finger and everything started to fall apart, black and red and white.

Then the fingers left and Lex was bereft. He hated this feeling, hollowed-out and empty like the wind could blow right through him, so he opened his eyes and watched Clark slick himself, eyes half-lidded and entirely focused on his task.

It was too long, entirely too long, before Clark pressed his cock against Lex and pushed in, and when he did Lex was afraid he might overload and combust. Clark gathered Lex's legs in the crooks of his elbows, pressed a kiss to the inside of Lex's thigh, and then too slowly, too slowly, pushed himself in all the way.

Clark waited, but Lex didn't want the gentleman tonight. He pulled at Clark's shoulders, and Clark got the message; he drew back back back and then drove forward again in one powerful, shuddering stroke. Lex cried out and curled up into himself. "Again, again," he gasped, even though he didn't need to, because Clark pumped his hips into a regular rhythm. "Faster," Lex demanded, digging his heels into Clark's back. "Harder." Clark complied, and Lex let his head fall back, curling his arms around Clark's shoulders. Clark seized on Lex's throat as an offering and nipped, then soothed the sting away with his tongue. Lex didn't mind, because he felt that if he couldn't mark Clark, then the least he could do was let Clark mark him.

Oh God, he loved this, he loved this, Clark so deep inside him, hitting that place inside him that send sparks flaring up his back and into his brain with every stroke. He didn't think he'd ever get enough of it; every time was like the first time, something new and exciting and wonderful.

Clark started talking, half-sentences and occasional utterances of Lex's name. Clark had finally started using curse words after attending college and leaving Smallville and his mother's influences, but Lex had never really been able to get Clark to talk dirty. He'd gotten Clark to talk, though, and sometimes that was even better, because this was usually how it went: murmured declarations of wonder and want, and Lex's name inside it all. "Lex, Lex, God, love this, love you, want this, so good, love you, love you, Lex, love you."

One final thrust and Clark stiffened and jerked. Lex clung to him through his orgasm and thought he could feel Clark come inside him, warm and wet. He was filled with an overwhelming rush of tenderness and pressed a kiss to Clark's temple.

Lex wanted to stay like this forever, but Clark could never be still, and he slipped out. Then it was a good thing, a very good thing, because Clark closed his mouth around Lex's cock and started to suck. Lex had never been able to teach Clark how to deep throat, either, but that was all right because Clark could still drive him crazy with his tongue and his mouth and his hand. Clark sucked and pulled back to run his tongue around the head of Lex's cock and then went down again, and all the while he rolled and fondled Lex's balls in his hand, the kind of multitasking that never failed to send Lex up and out.

This time was no exception: orgasm was like hitting Clark with his car all over again, dying in a river and coming back to life with the most beautiful boy in the world hovering over him.

"Welcome back," Clark said, and kissed him. He still tasted like Lex. Lex reached up one arm and pulled Clark down next to him so that they could snuggle lazily and kiss for as long as they wanted, until Clark just tasted like himself. Clark reached out with one long arm to pull the covers up, and they curled underneath the soft weight of the down comforter, just touching and enjoying each other's warmth.

Now was the time for earnest proclamations of love, if there were to be any. But the words stuck in Lex's throat. Clark tucked his head under Lex's chin and flung one arm over Lex's ribs. Lex thought of the Kryptonian words written on his skin, words such as "power" and "protect" and "forever" and "I love you." Maybe if he left them alone long enough, they would sink in and become permanent.