Cool places to visit, in alphabetical order.

Andymatic Chicago blogger, gay podcast, liberal blog.
Bacon Wafer Winamp skins, wallpapers, fanfiction, and funny!
bishonenink Lovely and lyrical writing. Be sure to check out their original work, too.
The Book of Genism Sheer snarktastic genius.
Casual Villain Great, great art. And she just keeps getting better.
dailyKos Liberal blog, news commentary, and all around extremely intelligent and well-informed.
explodingdog I've seen more emotion from this guy's stick figures than in the masterpieces of the Louvre. A fantastic Bay Area artist. She draw real good. She does comics, too.
kitsch Fantastic art, excellent writing, and hilarious to boot. Some people have all the luck. Fanfiction, art, humor, and a kickass novel.
Moon Pants Writing, winamp skins, and funny. Man, what is it with all these people who're funnier and more talented than me?
Mozilla Take back the web. He writes novels and comics. He's also incredibly generous, funny, and good-looking. He has a blog you should read. Sex without porn.
The Onion For all your satirical news needs.
orisinal Cute, fun, and incredibly addictive Flash games. Gorgeous art.
PostSecret An ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. Sometimes funny, often heartwrenching.
Quirky Bird Great art and comics.
ShadowScapes Beautiful artwork. I can't even articulate how stunning her art is.
SMRT-TV A TV zine that you don't even have to be a watcher to enjoy.
Verabee Art and animation.
The Void She write real good. Yep.
Wikipedia If you haven't heard of this place by now, you're seriously deprived. Will's a good friend who's maybe a little enthusiastic about robots, but hey, who isn't? Robots are cool. Hosting for yaoi sites without the ugly porn ads.