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Ordinary People / Lycanthropy / The World / Miscellania

Ordinary People: Exactly what it sounds like. Just ordinary people in an ordinary world, doing their best to get along. Some stories may contain adult situations, including explicit sex, drug use, and homosexual sex acts.

The Characters

Mario Kart 4.10.2005 Not how they first met, but how they got together. Set in the Bay Area. Everything hereafter is Ordinary People v1, when their lives were set in Southern California.
Tinker v. Who? 9.22.2003 Keiji exercises his right to free speech and gets in trouble for it. Written for class. Also, based on true events, which can be found here and here.
Writer's Block 2003 Alicia has writer's block. Whenever I have trouble writing, I just inflict it on my characters.
Rain 2001 Keiji loves the rain.
Hot 8.16.2003 It's too hot, and Keiji strips down to fix Jesse's computer. Contains explicit sex between two men.
Down, Please 10.29.2003 Sex in an elevator. Contains explicit sex between two men.
Ghost 6.22.04 Of all my demon spirits, I need you the most. One of my friends was so upset that Keiji and Jesse broke up that I promised her some hot fireman sex. Contains explicit sex between two men.

Lycanthropy: I used to love Anne Rice. Then I realized that all her books--and her vampires--were essentially the same. This enraged me so much that I decided I would write a story about a werewolf who was normal.

The Characters

Todd 2001 You've got a limited amount of job opportunities when you're a werewolf. This is the very lengthy snippet that started it all. It was the jumping point for the universe, so to speak, so it has a lot of inconsistencies with the universe in general (such as his name being Todd instead of Tony).
The Pup 2001 Tony had, in the beginning, been a very serious child. I had, at some point, some grandiose notion of writing a novel about Tony. It's since been abandoned, pretty much, although I may revive it in a very different form in the future. This would have been the first chapter.
The Change 2002 Tony tries to change things.
O Father, O Father 2002 He doesn't hate Tony. He hates the wolf. The title is taken from a poem, I don't remember which.
The Ride 10.29.2003 Tony takes Barbara out for a ride in the woods. Not everything goes smoothly. Written for class. Will eventually be revised.
Wolf Dreams 11.25.2003 The wolf seeks to communicate in the only way he knows how. Also written for class. Dr. Naughton's name is taken from An American Werewolf in London
Pillow Fight 8.16.2003 Tony and his maybe-girlfriend, Rosemary, being childish. Rosemary is property of a friend.

The World: I wish there was a more evocative name for this. But it's just The World, which is a fairly generic fantasy world, with dragons and demons and humans who are caught in between.

The Characters / The History

Draco Rufus 2001 No one knows where she came from. Alexandra's origin.
Northern Cross 2002 So meet me on red mountain, lace of laurel, bed of moss. Title taken from "Northern Cross," written by someone and covered by Cry Cry Cry
The First 2002 The first time Teshi Arboros saw Alexandra, he thought he was looking upon an angel.
Fire Dance 2003 There are certain traditions that must be followed. You may want to seriously consider reading the history before attempting this story.
Try Not to Breathe 2003 I will try not to breathe, I can hold head still with my hands on my knees, these eyes are the eyes of the old. Title taken from R.E.M., "Try Not to Breathe"
Recidivism 7.22.2004 A tendency to lapse into a previous pattern or behavior, especially a pattern of criminal habits.
Not Time Yet 11.24.2003 All things come with time.
Everything In Its Own Time 2003 Remember everything I told you.
Little Red Riding Hood 2002 But who plays the part of the woodsman?
And Actions I Have Hated 2002 Demons don't forget. Title taken from Poe's "Haunted." Contains violent imagery.
Concerto for Two 2002 Arroyo and Kaligo, from the beginning to the end. An enormous thanks to Gen, who lent me Winter and even helped me write part of the story.
Passing the Time 2002 The requisite drinking story.

Miscellania: Everything in between.

Memories unknown Where do memories go, when they're forgotten? Inspired by a careless remark from Will.
Springtime and Sharpies unknown "Vampire?" I asked. They were rare nowadays.