Alexander Yu-jin Chin He's smart, sexy, attends UC Berkeley, and out. That is to say, he likes cock. He also likes computers, music, and his boyfriend, but he's also got some issues. [more]
Jesse Elijah Clarke He's your typical questioning jock, but there's not really any question when it comes to Alex. Well, he's not really much of a jock, either; he's athletic and likes sports, but he's more about the fun than the competition. He's also a big history geek and wants to be an archaeologist. [more]
Alicia Xiaohua Chin Alicia's the resident professional woman of the bunch. She's a journalist, loves her work, is fashionable but sensible, and a little sensitive about her height (short). She also loves her dog, Faust, and her cat, Mephisto. [more]
Steven Da-Wen Chin and Rebecca Mei-Hua Chin They're pretty typical Chinese first-generation immigrants, which means they really just don't know what to make of their kids but support them in all their endeavors anyway. Steven works some generic white-collar job, and Rebecca is a stay-at-home mom.
Joseph Andrew Schlosser Joseph's a latecomer on the scene, but an important one. As Alex's first serious relationship after Jesse, he's got big obstacles to overcome. He has a successful career in Public Relations, spoils his niece, reads comic books, and loves Alex enough to try to teach him how to be happy again. [more]


Anthony Todd Webster Tony's normal in every way conceivable. He's WASP, gets decent to good grades in school, plays basketball, teases his little sister, and likes to hang out with his friends. He's also a werewolf, which limits his career opportunities just a little. [more]
Barbara Sheila Webster Don't call her Barbie; she hates that. Of course, Tony takes every opportunity he can to call her by that hated nickname. Despite that, she gets along with her brother fairly well. She's the only eleven-year old in the class who has a werewolf for a big brother, and she thinks that's pretty cool.
Linda Nicole Webster She's someone everyone wants to have for a mother: understanding, patient, and kind. She loves her family, despite its flaws, and really just wants everyone to get along.
Gregory Philip Webster He's The Enemy, as far as the kids are concerned. He doesn't hate Tony, he just hates that his son's a werewolf. Don't ask me how he differentiates them in his mind.
Christina Flanders and Michael Thompson They're included in one cell because they're that one couple that's Always Together. Chris goes to all of Mikey's basement shows (he's the drummer for the Cardboard Box Surfers) and usually drags Tony along. She's peppy, cheerful, and occasionally sarcastic, while Mike's quiet and seemingly perpetually-stoned. He's pretty sharp, actually; look out.

The World

Kitsuki de Kage Once a thief, always a thief: that's what she'd tell you. She was once a fox spirit, and she looks like a fox still, with sandy hair and leaf-green eyes. Though she's small, quick, and dextrous, she has one failing as a thief, and that's a big mouth. She has a thief's honor, though, and she'd never leave a friend in the lurch. [more]
Kaligo Amerula It's something of a mystery why his psyche hasn't shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. Kaligo's lived longer than anyone, demon or human, has the right to live. Demons usually die young; Kaligo didn't, because he decided to forego being a demon and tried being human instead. Unfortunately, there's more to being human than looking like one. He tries to be inconspicuous, with his average build and average height and average dark hair, but he's always a little too pretty, and when you look into those blue, blue eyes you realize he's out of your league. [more]
Arroyo Diaboros Most of the time he looks like a little kid from those 60s films, with a big grin and a shock of bright red hair and a yo-yo. The rest of the time, he looks like one of those manticores from medieval legends. He used to be Kaligo's boss, once upon a time, and he wants Kaligo back. [more]
Alexandra She doesn't have any name other than that. Well, she used to, but she claims to have forgotten it, kind of like how she used to be a dragon. But like Kaligo, she finds that being human takes more than denial. She lives alone, and she's always been the same age, with red hair and red eyes and a careless smile, and she has a tendency to take in strays. [more]
Stanos Hrineth A lot of Stanos' personality is steeped in tradition. He's a very traditional kind of guy, raised by very traditional parents. Unfortunately, this also seems to have instilled some kind of rigid inflexibility in him, and that's eventually what leads to his downfall. He named himself for stone, and he looks like it: tall, broad, rugged, chiseled. He looks like the kind of guy that could be a foundation. [more]
Gregol Dakshiron Gregol's the kind of guy you'd like to go drinking with, but not the kind of guy you'd want to loan money. He has that kind of lackadaisical attitude that makes you wonder if he'll die before returning it. But he's a great guy to pick up chicks with, because he's handsome and knows it, and he knows how to use it to his advantage. Dark hair, gray eyes, easy smile, and charismatic to boot. Some guys get all the breaks. [more]
Dagan Keretarr Dagan didn't quite know what to do with his son after his wife died, and that's maybe part of the reason Gregol is the way he is. Dagan's easygoing enough, but not quite as gossip-inducing as his son. He also looks like a pirate: long hair, moustache, bandanna, eye patch and all.
Iksen Endigo He's one of those old men who's always been old, it seems like, but not so old he can't kick your ass. His hair may be white, and he may not be as strong as he used to, but his senses still work fine. You have to remember that this guy's lived a warrior's life, and he still managed to grow old anyway. He took on Gregol as a student, long after it seemed like he'd never teach again. It was supposed to be an honor.