"We're not supposed to be doing this," Jesse murmured, but there was no heat in his voice. It's hard to feel any sort of conviction when your boyfriend has you pinned against the wall of an elevator and is sucking on your neck.

"Yeah, well, it's either this or the closet, and I think this is a lot more comfortable." The elevator door hissed shut, and neither of them bothered to push one of the floor buttons. They had nowhere to be, after all.

"Couldn't we find an abandoned classroom or something?"

"Nah." Keiji squirmed up against Jesse in a long, pleasurable roll of the hips, and Jesse drew in his next breath through his teeth. "This is cozier."

"If you. . . say so. . ." Jesse said, already losing coherency. Keiji had undone the top button of Jesse's jeans and had one hand down his pants, stroking with his fingertips. Jesse shivered, moaned, bit his lower lip and contemplated begging for more contact, something stronger and firmer. But before long, Keiji slid down to his knees, pressing every inch of his body to Jesse's on the way. He pushed up the hem of Jesse's shirt and skirted his abdomen with his fingers, watching the flesh tremble. Then the fingers darted lower, following the line of hair that began a little ways below the abdomen until they led to something half-hard beneath the cloth. First he fondled, then he kissed, then he sucked. Jesse moaned and shivered; this was going to be fast, but they had to make it fast--and then the elevator jerked and began to move. "Shit."

Keiji didn't say anything, just made his mouth a warm, wet O and laved Jesse with his tongue. Jesse's mouth closed with an audible click of teeth and his hands clenched around fistfuls of invisible sheets as the elevator moved slowly, inexorably upwards. He whispered Keiji's name once, twice, pulled it into a long, quiet moan and twisted it like taffy, so that Keiji shuddered, too.

The elevator began to slow, and Keiji stopped, withdrew. Jesse didn't whimper, but his breath gave a little halt as he was suddenly bared, cold and alone.

"Over here," Keiji said huskily, lips red and swollen, eyes half-lidded. He sounded too calm. "Hit the button."

Jesse lunged across the elevator and braced himself against the panel, palm pressed down against the "close" button, not caring what other buttons he hit along the way. Keiji worked his magic again as the elevator came to a halt, but the door didn't open. Jesse imagined some freshman outside, backpack slung over one shoulder and books tucked up against the inside of an arm. He felt the heat coiling in his lower belly and brought up one arm to close his teeth on.

A few moments later, the pounding started, someone on the outside beating the elevator door as if that would make it give way. Jesse's hand tightened on the "close" button as Keiji's mouth tightened on his cock, and Jesse groaned against his wrist. He was burning, he was cracking open and spilling forth, splintered and shaking. Keiji swallowed and withdrew, wiping his mouth, and Jesse took his hand off the button--but the elevator was moving again.

"What's--wha?" Jesse's tongue felt thick and heavy in his mouth.

"S'probably going back," Keiji said, sounding hoarser than usual as he tucked Jesse back in and zipped up his jeans. He came off the floor in one graceful movement, like when a cat springs from the floor to the top of a bookshelf in one fantastic leap, and Jesse tasted himself on when they kissed. He felt Keiji's hardness against his thigh, and he wondered dizzily if they dared do more than hasty blowjobs here. Maybe they really could find an abandoned classroom and--

The elevator ground to a halt again, but the door didn't open. Jesse glanced up over his head, but couldn't read what floor they were on. Keiji answered him: "First."

"Let's go," Jesse said, hitting the "open" button. He felt shaky on his legs, but he didn't wobble too much as they left the elevator. Keiji followed closely, like a predator, hungry like the wolf.