There were a lot of things you weren't supposed to do when tinkering around inside a computer. Keiji knew this well. He was a goddamned computer science major, for Chrissakes. But he also knew what he was doing, so he did things like touching the circuit board when handling the hard drive and rocking the connector into place instead of pushing straight in. Such guidelines were for people with hard, clumsy hands instead of deft, gentle ones.

He generally also worked with clothes on, but this was his boyfriend's computer, so he had gleefully stripped himself down to his boxers before starting work, citing the dangers of static electricity. Besides, it was a hot day, and the air conditioning didn't seem to help. The room was unbearably stuffy.

"Need any help?" came a voice from over his shoulder.

"Nope, I'm fine," Keiji replied. "No, wait--pass me that screwdriver, will you?"

The screwdriver was pressed into his hand and Keiji slid the case back into place, then began tightening the first screw.

"You're done?"

"Yup." Keiji moved on to the second screw. "You're gonna want to be careful, though. This is gonna run kinda hot, and you've only got one fan. So on really hot days, you might wanna keep a fan or something aimed at it, to keep it cool."

"You mean like today?"

"Yeah," Keiji said, and he grinned a little, out of sight where Jesse couldn't see.

"Mmm." Hands came to rest on Keiji's shoulders, and Keiji was startled at how warm they felt to the touch. Had his skin really cooled off that much? "So I guess you're not going to put your clothes back on?"

"Nah," Keiji asserted. "You don't mind?"

"No." Jesse's voice was warm and amused. The press of his lips to the back of Keiji's neck was warm, too. Keiji arched back into the touch. The hands on his shoulders wandered down to splay across his chest, skimming across the planes and angles of his chest and brushing across his nipples. "You're too thin," Jesse said against his skin. "You should eat more."

"Yes, mommy," Keiji said obediently, and received a sharp bite to his shoulder in response. "Hey!"

"You deserved that."

"You're not leaving any marks, are you?"

"No. Does it matter?" The lips wandered down his back, and there was tongue, hot and wet against his skin.

Keiji shivered. "No," he replied. He realized that the screwdriver lay useless, in a feeble grasp, and remembered that he was putting the computer case back on. Jesse's mouth stopped moving for the moment, a steady pressure against the back of his neck, as Keiji quickly and efficiently twisted in the rest of the screws. Then Jesse started mouthing at his neck again, and Keiji was hard put to remain focused on plugging things back in. Keyboard, mouse, monitor (it was remarkable, how his hands stayed steady as he twirled in the pins), network cable--finally, it was all in. Then he wrenched himself round in Jesse's arms, and as their mouths met in a furious clench, he fumbled behind him for the power button and switched the computer on.

It was like being a teenager again, this wild abandon, pawing and groping at each other with eyes closed, breathing heavily, mind glazed with lust. He found the hem of Jesse's shirt and pulled it off, flung it to the side without a care. His hands fumbled for the button to Jesse's jeans, but stopped when he felt fingers ghost over the front of his boxers. The other man was larger and heavier, and he felt himself being pressed back with gentle and inexorable force--Jesse had changed, from when he first knew him--


"What? What happened?"

Keiji winced. "Sorry. Rolled over on the screwdriver." He dug it out from the small of his back and shoved, not caring where it went; it spun away under the desk. He found couldn't see the monitor from this angle, so he couldn't tell if it had booted up correctly. Then their hands were all over each other, touching, just touching, and it was too hot to be so close together, sharing each other's breath, but it didn't matter because they were feeling and touching and grinding against each other like they hadn't done it a dozen times before. Whatever Keiji wanted to say, it was lost in the crush of Jesse's mouth.

Skin. He needed to feel skin. He had his fingers under the waistband of Jesse's jeans, under the elastic of his underwear, but he needed more, he needed--

"Jesse," Keiji gasped out. "Your parents--"


"Your parents, are they home?"

"It doesn't matter." Jesse pushed down with his hips and groaned, and Keiji moaned in response. "They know you're here. If they're home, they'll knock before they come in." He did it again, a long, languid roll of the hips, and Keiji bit his lip and tried to keep from digging his nails in too deep.

This is so wrong, Keiji thought, or tried to, beyond the delicious friction and heat. We're in his room and his parents are home and--oh god-- Well, he'd known this was going to happen; hadn't he encouraged it, tinkering with his boyfriend's computer in nothing but his underwear? But he couldn't think anymore, because he was just so hard, and he needed to feel more. He scrabbled at the front of Jesse's jeans, causing a sharp intake of breath, and he couldn't seem to get his fingers around the button. But Jesse understood; he sat up, and Keiji managed to get a good look at his face and the way his lips were swollen from kissing, and he wished he had enough leverage to roll Jesse over so that he could just kiss him through the floor.

The jeans were shucked off together with the underwear. Jesse peeled off Keiji's boxers, too, and then their hands were all over each other again, a hard palm here and a light brush of fingers there, and they panted harshly through their mouths and noses, kissing fiercely when there didn't seem to be enough touching. Keiji pushed himself up so that he could straddle Jesse's lap, arms flung out over his shoulders, and they kissed and rocked into each other until the friction wasn't enough, and then their hands went down between them. They moaned into each other's mouths and licked each other's tongues as they pulled and stroked each other. After a while Jesse's hands stopped against him, and he broke the kiss so that he could look at at Jesse's face. Jesse always had a look of intense concentration minutes before he came, line between his brows and bottom lip between his teeth, and he breathed as if he couldn't get enough air. Keiji stroked him quickly, then slowly, then roughly, and Jesse came with a strangled cry onto his hands and wrists.

Keiji waited, Jesse's forehead pressed into his shoulder. He listened to Jesse's fevered breathing and moved his fingers this way and that, just to feel Jesse twitch. He could be patient, no matter how hard he was, because--aaahh--there were Jesse's hands, ready to finish the job they'd started. The first touch was almost painful, and he hissed, but Jesse's fingers did not retreat. His palm curled around Keiji and he began long, pulling strokes, and Keiji tried to keep still, tilting his head back and clutching Jesse's arms with sticky hands. Jesse licked at Keiji's neck and throat; Keiji didn't whimper--no, he didn't whimper--but he made frantic little sounds asking for more friction, more touching, more everything. It took Jesse too long to comply, and Keiji bit his shoulder when he came.

They stayed draped over each other for neither knew how long, sweaty and sticky and satisfied. Keiji licked Jesse's shoulder, where he'd bit him hard enough to leave dents in his skin, but Jesse was too tired to shudder.

"You were the one worried about leaving marks," Jesse murmured.

"Mmm. I'm sorry," Keiji said, but he didn't sound sorry at all.

They ended up using one of Jesse's shirts to clean themselves off. Jesse buried it deep in his hamper, hoping that his mother wouldn't notice that it smelled of sex. Keiji pulled his clothes on almost reluctantly and retrieved the screwdriver from where he'd shoved it under the desk, but not before checking to see if the computer had booted. It had, and everything seemed normal. He almost breathed a little sigh of relief.

"Will you come over again tomorrow?" Jesse asked, sitting on the floor behind him.

"If you want me to."

"Will you take your clothes off again tomorrow?"

Keiji turned and saw that Jesse was smiling. He grinned a little, involuntarily. "If you want me to. But maybe you should come to my place instead."