9.25.2005 // 0:05

It lives! It liiiives! And. . . it's all fanfiction! 1 new FFX-2 fanfic and, uh, 7 Smallville fanfics. I've been busy.

4.10.2005 // 01:18

There were times when I honestly thought I would never touch this website again. Not for lack of writing, mind you--I've been doing plenty of writing (see the new link above: The Book), and also thinking about writing. It's just that a lot of it's not fit for publication on the Web.

I've done some major revamping of the website, taking down stories that make my eyes bleed and so on. Some of the character bios have been rewritten to reflect new information. Take a look around if you want, see what's different, see what's the same. The website will be gradually updated over the next few days with new stories and new information.

7.22.2004 // 21:48

Wow, an actual timely update. Slightly meatier update this time. Not chunky, but more than a thin broth. I am going to stop this metaphor now.

Roleplay: "Recidivism"
Miscellaneous: Interview 9: Lucifer

6.22.2004 // 23:13

. . . I'm really, really sorry. Real life has been kicking me in the ass. Again. Also, most of my work has been directed towards The Book, which unfortunately can't be shown in public. Despite that, I do have something for you! Yes, you! The two people reading this!

Miscellaneous: Interviews 7 & 8
Ordinary People: "Ghost"

I have some longer works in the editing process right now, so hopefully they'll go up next time.

4.18.2004 // 23:08

Sorry, sorry, I blame it on college. And also, I don't have anything worth updating with. I /still/ don't have anything worth updating with, but you take what you can get, right? ^^;;;

Fanfic: "Blood"
Poetry: all new section under Miscellaneous!

2.27.2004 // 19:44

Well, I did tell you that there might not be an update in January, didn't I? College has been biting me in the ass, too. Anyway, The Book section has been replaced by--of all things--Fanfiction. Gasp. Three new stories up there, all Trigun.

Fanfic: "Be Blessed," "Underwater, Dreaming," and "Nothing Sacred."

12.14.2003 // 05:05

Another update? So soon? Well, as it turns out, you guys got lucky; I'm leaving two days from now and will be gone until mid-January, so you're getting a fairly early update. Unfortunately, that means it's also rather small. We'll see how much I get written during vacation. There might not be an update at all in January.

Miscellaneous: Interviews 4, 5, 6

11.25.2003 // 23:07

Gasp! An update! And a meaty one, too. By my standards, anyway. Which are not very high.

Lycanthropy: "Wolf Dreams"
Roleplay: "Not Time Yet"
Miscellaneous: Interviews 2 and 3

10.29.2003 // 19:05

I'm getting worse and worse with the updates, aren't I? Still, this one is actually fairly substantial.

Ordinary People: "Down, Please"
Lycanthropy: "The Ride"

And a new subsection under Miscellaneous, "Interviews." There's only one interview up there right now, but hopefully there will be more.

09.22.2003 // 13:43

Long time no update, eh? And only one story this time, I'm afraid. I just haven't had much time, energy, or inspiration. But this story's a fairly lengthy one (as compared to a lot of my other writing, that is), so hopefully that'll make up for it. Ordinary People, "Tinker vs. Who?"

08.16.2003 // 10:58

Two new stories this time! And then afterwards I'm headed for college, where I may or may not have time for writing. Most of my creative energies will probably still be directed towards The Book, but I'll continue to write other stuff as well.

Ordinary People: "Hot Days"
Lycanthropy: "Pillow Fight"

07.17.2003 // 23:37

Only one story this time, and it's not even a recent one. I'm sorry. I've had terrible writer's block as of late. Future updates should be more meaty. Until then, content yourself with "Passing the Time" in the Roleplay section.

06.07.2003 // 14:15

Very small update. I didn't realize my Tony stuff sucked so much, so I only put up the pieces that sucked slightly less than the others: namely, "The Change" and "O Father, O Father." Some changes were also made to the index page; the three major "arcs" now have years, to indicate when they were written. Newer updates will have actual dates, since my writing can change an awful lot over the course of a few months.

05.08.2003 // 23:41

Jesus, I hadn't realized it'd been so long since I last updated. Where does the time go?

Ordinary People: "In Memory (revisited)" and "Writer's Block"
Miscellaneous: "Springtime and Sharpies"

Hopefully the next update won't be too far in the future, as it will consist mostly of old Tony stories. I finally came to my senses and realized that a good novel would never come out of that. ^^;;

03.28.2003 // 22:35

Oh my God, can it be? An actual /update?/ Sorry, most of my creative energies are still directed towards The Book, and that means most--if not all--of my updates are going to be in the Roleplay section. But anyway, on to the updates.

Ordinary People: "Landslide"
Roleplay: "Fire Dance," "Try Not to Breathe," and "Everything In Its Own Time"
And also, the Character bios have been updated, to a point.

More little nitpicky kinds of fixes in code and in the bios will continue to happen over the next few weeks. Hopefully, anyway.

02.01.2003 // 22:42

Oh my God, it's an update. She's not really dead. Actually, I've been doing a lot of writing, but it's. . . for something that's never going to actually appear on this page. Anyway, lots of update-y stuff.

A new section: The Book
Ordinary People: "Twenty-One"
Other: "Mirai"

Now shoo. Go and play.

12.29.2002 // 02:13

You lucky brats, you get /another/ update. Well, it's not really all mine. Three logs up in Roleplay, all of them titled "Moondance."

12.28.2002 // 01:52

What? An update before the New Year? Shocking, isn't it? But indeed, we have one story. I would have waited until the next update to put this up, but I figure anyone who's still here deserves something not completely crappy. Anyway, the newest update is in Ordinary People, and it's called "Deeming December Sweet."

12.24.2002 // 00:49

I meant to update before this. Honestly. I did. But life has been a little hectic. Senior year sucks so bad.

But! There are stories! Short and crappy, unfortunately. And vaguely holiday-themed.

Ordinary People: "Wet Christmas"
Roleplay: "Snowfall"

That's all for now. There will be more; now that it's Break, I plan to do a lot more writing.

11.10.2002 // 15:09

I'm not dead! And I /have/ been writing. Sort of. A little bit. Anyway, updates are:

Ordinary People: "Knight Moves"
Character bios: Some of the bios now have lyrics to their songs. Er, two. Jesse and Stanos. More will be forthcoming the next time I'm bored and/or procrastinating.

10.25.2002 // 21:04

At last, actual stories! In Roleplaying, unfortunately. I /will/ write about my other characters, I promise. Eventually. Whenever I stop drawing dragons in class. Anyway, up in Roleplaying: "Loved I Not Honor More" and "A Ghost Story." Enjoy.

Jesse has theme songs, too.

And yes, older updates have once again been relocated.
10.22.2002 // 20:47

Tiny, tiny update; added theme songs to some of the character profiles. That's it. I'd upload and link my mp3s, but I have no one to host them; if you're willing and allowed to host mp3s, let me know.

Actual stories coming soon. I promise.

10.12.2002 // 21:28

Don't get too excited, now; it's just one story and it's not even completely written by me. In the Roleplay Logs section there is now "Guard Duty," co-written with Kaie.

10.02.2002 // 21:36

Ha! Military time!

Minor cosmetic changes. Actually, just the addition of some graphics. No real writing, unfortunately, although I've added a link to my previously-hidden "snippets" blog. It's up there, sandwiched between "Profile" and "Past Updates." I haven't put anything new up there for a while, but knowing that people read it will probably encourage me to write in it more. Hint. Hint.

09.08.2002 // 3:47 P.M.

. . . okay, yeah, I'm a dumbass. I updated yesterday, but I forgot to upload the revised index page so that everyone would KNOW I'd updated. Check the previous two updates for What I Did.

I'm considering changing the times on my updates to military time because that's what my clock is in now. I'm lazy and don't like translating it.

09.07.2002 // 12:18 A.M.

Brief information on the lower races has now been added on to the "Races" document in Roleplay. Yay. Please inform me if I've screwed up in any way, shape, or form.

9.06.2002 // 11:24 P.M.

Very small update. "Dead Land" is up in Roleplay, and there's a new snippet up as well called "Forgetting." I'm still working on more world info; that will be up later today or tomorrow.

08.30.2002 // 2:21 A.M.

At long last, information on the races of my world! Find it in the Roleplay section. These are only the three "high races." Information on the lower races will come later, when I'm not nearly so dead.

08.24.2002 // 12:48 P.M.

Two very, very short stories, again in Roleplay: "The First" and "Haunted." Look for information on the races in the next update, whenever that may be. I go back to school soon. **sob**

08.16.2002 // 8:55 P.M.

Lordy, is it an update? Why yes, it is! Two new stories in Roleplay: "Little Red Riding Hood" and "World History." The latter isn't really a story; more of a narration. But, eh, you take what you can get, right?

08.06.2002 // 9:44 P.M.

Yeah, okay, I forgot to upload the revised stories index page that would have, uh, let you read my stories. I'm such a dumbass. The revised index page is up now. I also added a link to Stanos's longer profile in the character bios.

08.06.2002 // 5:58 P.M.

An update! Hallelujah! Two new stories in Roleplaying: "Northern Cross" and "A Visit." I've begun marking new stories, since I put them up in the order I think they should be read with older stories rather than in the order they were written. You should spot them pretty easily.

Also some small, minor revisions to one or two character bios to reflect new information. There is also the addition of one brand-spanking new character.

08.03.2002 // 10:03 P.M.

One new story up by a very dear friend, Will. I put it in a new section, "Other," because I'm expecting a few more stories not-by-me to show up. So! Go read it. It's untitled.

07.30.2002 // 10:20 P.M.

Okay, so updates are going to be even more lax than before. My computer suffered a hard drive failure and everything was lost, including some new writing I'd been meaning to edit and put up here. Sorry. Go look at some of Will's Art. That should make you feel better.

07.27.2002 // 8:06 P.M.

Sorry I've been lax on the updates lately. I just haven't written very much of note.

However, there are two additions to the Art Gallery.


One very, very short story--more of a snippet, really--up in Roleplay: "Empath." That's actually not its title, I just needed something to put in the table. ^^;; Other than "Untitled." Because, uh, yeah. I'd have a lot of "Untitled" pieces if I did that all the time.

Past updates have also been shuffled off onto their own page.

07.18.2002 // 10:23 P.M.

It's not quite Friday yet, but don't complain. New story up in Roleplay: "Concerto for Two."

07.15.2002 // 10:19 P.M.

A really quick update. One new story up in Miscellaneous: "Business: (first class)." And it's NOT by me! This makes me so happy.

07.15.2002 // 9:19 P.M.

A real art page is now up, featuring fanart! All of it's of Kaligo, so far. Arroyo also now has a profile picture up. Huzzah.

07.15.2002 // 12:48 A.M.

One story up in Ordinary People: "Promenade." I really should be in bed.

07.14.2002 // 4:42 P.M.

Yet more story updates. I'm on a roll.

Ordinary People: "The Word Limit" and "Rain"
Lycanthropy: "Haunted"

There will be something good up in Roleplay this week. I promise.

07.12.2002 // 10:27 P.M.

Gasp. Yet more story updates, this time in Lycanthropy: "Tony" and "Tony in LA."

07.12.2002 // 02:22 P.M.

More story updates! Praise the Lord! Three new stories up in Ordinary People: "Alicia and Company," "At Last," and (wordless). Also, one new work up in Miscellaneous: "The Duel." Behold, my crappy writing from sophomore year!

07.11.2002 // 11:53 P.M.

I've decided to start putting the times on my updates, since I'm a lame person with no life who updates several times a day. Anyway! I've got two stories up, both in the Miscellaneous section; "Lion Dance" and "Steal the Day." Why don't I update some of those blank links with stories? Uh. . . confidential.


A new story is up in the Roleplay section: "Only Human." Huzzah.


Updated Arroyo, Kaligo, and Kitsuki character profiles with meaningless babble about their various powers and forms. I need to learn how to shut up.


Character bios have been updated with the addition of Arroyo Diaboros. Hopefully I can get some art up soon.


Site has been open for a few weeks now. Almost everything is working, but I still have a lot of fiction to code and upload. Profile not up yet; threaten me enough, and I'll get around to it eventually.

Character profiles are up for the characters I think need them, and have been up for a while. Kaligo's was revised today, to reflect new information. I wish my characters would tell me these things up front.